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DURRIDGE – Radon Capture & Analytics

DURRIDGE is a leading provider of professional radon detection equipment. Since 1997, DURRIDGE has offered world-class radon detection solutions for businesses, universities, and governments worldwide. Our RAD7 continuous radon gas monitor features precise measurement far exceeding EPA accuracy standards. DURRIDGE also provides a wide range of accessories for the RAD7, as well as CAPTURE software for performing sophisticated radon data analysis, and expert calibration and maintenance services.
The RAD7 electronic radon detector was invented by Professor Lee Grodzins when he was head of the radon program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. DURRIDGE was formed in 1997 to take over production and support of the RAD7. Since then the RAD7 has continued in uninterrupted production and development, becoming an industry standard for research and professional applications. Today thousands of RAD7s are deployed worldwide.


Real-time Continuous Radon Monitor with Spectral Analysis


Real-time Continuous Radon Monitor with Spectral Analysis

The RAD7 comes with all of these components and accessories.

RAD7 Standard Setup Diagram


Radon in water sampling for the RAD7


Continuous radon in water monitoring for the RAD7

Big Bottle System

High sensitivity radon in water sampling for the RAD7

Water Probe

For radon sampling from large bodies of water


Active moisture exchanger to reduce the humidity of the air entering the RAD7

Soil Gas Probes

Extract radon gas samples from underground, without exposing them to the outside air

Emission Chambers

Detect radon emissions from objects and surfaces

Natural Rock Sample

Sealed granite sample providing rock-steady emissions of radon and thoron, for testing RAD7 performance