Specializzati in Prodotti per il Radon

Radon nelle scuole e nei luoghi di lavoro

Monitoraggio in Tempo Reale del Radon nelle Scuole e nei Luoghi di Lavoro

Radon Diagnostic Center (Radon DC)

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Monitoraggio in TEMPO REALE del Radon nelle Scuole e nei Luoghi di Lavoro

View Plus (new) for business

The most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the Airthings for Business solution, including PM, Noise and more. Giving you even more control over your space. Easily create healthy, productive and energy-efficient indoor environments.

Wave Plus for business

Wave Plus for Business gives full visibility into radon, carbon dioxide (CO₂), airborne chemicals and odors (TVOCs), humidity, temperature, air pressure and light - seven key factors of IAQ. It's the ideal solution for employers, facility managers and schools.

Wave Mini for business

The Wave Mini for Business gives visibility into airborne chemicals and odors (Total VOCs), temperature, humidity, relative light intensity and pressure. It works seamlessly alongside the Wave Plus for Business products to give you even more specific data.

Hub for business

The Hub for Business gives you remote access to up-to-date sensor values, no matter where you are. With visibility into your radon and IAQ levels, you can take action to improve air quality, as well as increase productivity, good health and attendance.