Radon Calibration Service

Innovative calibration system, metrological traceability to primary references

RadonStar Calibration Laboratory is the first and only Italian private calibration laboratory for radon measuring instruments. RadonStar offers a calibration service for radon-222 air activity concentration measurement devices. The calibration service is organized according to a predefined calendar of radon calibration sessions. Each session is dedicated to a specific group of radon measuring instruments. At the moment, RadonStar offers predefined calibration sessions for some type of instruments. For other types of instruments, please fill out a Special Calibration Request form.

– Consult the calendar and choose the calibration session that best suits your needs.
– Check the availability of the chosen session.
– Make the payment and book your calibration session.
– You will receive a document by email. Fill and sign the document and send it back.
– Ship your instruments. They should be delivered to the calibration laboratory by the date indicated in the session.
– At the end of the session, make arrangements to pick up your instruments (if the insured shipping service has been chosen, you will be notified by email, and your instruments will be shipped to the address provided).
– Receive the Calibration Report for your instruments by email.

For more information about the RadonStar Laboratory and the upcoming calibration sessions, please visit www.RADONSTAR.com