RadonEye by FTLab


FTLab has been started a research and development company based on electronic physics. Since its establishment in 2001, they have been developing various R&D equipment more than 100 kinds that require high-precision measurement technology such as Display research and Plasma generation and Diagnostics equipment.


RadonEye and RadonEye Plus 2 have many features in common. In particular, they equipped with the same sensor (a 200 cc volume ionization chamber).
Let's see in detail how the two models differ:

RadonEye Vs RadonEye Plus2

The RadonEye Plus2, in addition to a wider measuring range, has temperature and humidity sensors and allows data transmission via a Wi-Fi connection. This last aspect is not insignificant if you take into account that this enables you to use the radon-net.com platform to control Radon levels from any location with just an Internet connection.