RadonEye by FTLab


FTLab has been started a research and development company based on electronic physics. Since its establishment in 2001, they have been developing various R&D equipment more than 100 kinds that require high-precision measurement technology such as Display research and Plasma generation and Diagnostics equipment.


RadonEye and RadonEye Plus 2 have many features in common. In particular, they equipped with the same sensor (a 200 cc volume ionization chamber).
Let's see in detail how the two models differ:

RadonEye Vs RadonEye Plus2

The RadonEye Plus2, in addition to a wider measuring range, has temperature and humidity sensors, and allows data transmission via a Wi-Fi connection. This last aspect is not insignificant if you take into account that this enables you to use the radon-net.com platform to control Radon levels from any location with just an Internet connection.

Usually, RadonEye may be considered as a "home user" category instrument, and therefore, it is expected that its measuring response is not as precise as professional instruments. we asked the Politecnico di Milano to perform a calibration test (over an exposure time of almost a month) on the RadonEye (RD200) model in their Radon Camera where the AlphaGuard DF2000 instrument is used as a reference.

The result has been surprising and RadonEye has proven to have nothing to envy from much more expensive professional tools. The following graph shows the comparison between the radon measurements recorded inside the Radon Camera by our RadonEye RD200 and those recorded by the AlphaGuard DF2000 reference instrument.