QuartaRad is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of radioactivity detection equipment and air quality measurement instruments. The company was founded in 1990 when a team of 13 nuclear engineers gathered to start a new small business. Building on a strong foundation and experience dealing with nuclear disasters worldwide, the company has grown to become the leading manufacturer of radiation detection equipment worldwide. The products include a wide range of handheld radioactivity measurement devices, radon detection equipment, and smartphone-based applications. Individuals, businesses, educational, and government institutions worldwide rely on the quality of Quarta-Rad products for their individual curiosity, educational, scientific, and legal requirements. All of the products are designed and manufactured at the company and go through extensive testing and verification before releasing them to production.

Reza Hosseini, PhD - Managing Director at RadonMarket, R&D Manager & NRPP MFM Certified Radon Professional at Niton srl

In the two last numbers of RadonMarket Mag (n° 20.04 & n° 20.05) we have seen the common sensors that the CRM instruments use. We have also reviewed the DURRIDGE RAD7, one of the most prestigious instruments with a solid-state type sensor. In this number, we want to review another instrument using a solid-state sensor with a price of dramatically lower than DURRIDGE RAD7, the RADEX MR107  from QUARTARAD. Even though RADEX MR107 can be considered one of the lowest price electronic instruments to measure Radon, it offers interesting features such as free software, the temperature and humidity sensors. Now let's see this instrument in detail.


The RADEX MR107 with 15.5x8.0x5.8 cm and 270 g is a small, lightweight measuring device. It has a robust plastic case with two buttons, one in front beside the display and one in the back. The front button changes the information on the screen, and the back button is simply for switching on/off. A small blinking white LED indicates the correct working of the instrument.

According to the specifications mentioned by the producer, the battery works for 140 hours in the measurement mode. This is not very fascinating considering the very longlasting battery of other small CRM instruments. But at the same time, having an internal rechargeable battery can give us some satisfaction.

The RADEX MR107 is able to detect the dynamic variations of the concentration of radon gas and play an alarm when the level reaches a dangerous value. This very handy feature becomes more interesting when you know that the dangerous value of radon which turns on the alarm can be modified using the included software.

The beauty of this instrument is that it comes with free software, RADEX Data Center. The RADEX Data Center is not the most advanced software of CRMs, especially in comparison with the CAPTURE from DURRIDGE or the RADONVISION from SARAD. However, the RADEX Data Center, with a simple and user-friendly interface, offers most of the features that an average user may need. The instrument connects to the software using an included USB cable. The variation of Radon beside the temperature and humidity could be graphically visualized with nice graphs directly in the software.

The RADEX Data Center is freely available on our platform. So if you are curious to know more, download and install the software HERE.
Please remember to load the included sample data to see different options.

The RADEX MR107 is equipped with a small display. Of course, the screen is not as big as some other instruments like Corentium Home or Plus from Airthings or Radon Scout Home/Pro from SARAD. However, the information that gives to the user is quite complete. It is also possible to modify almost anything shows on the screen through the RADEX Data Center.