RADEX RD1706 Dual-Pro Professional Dual-Sensor Nuclear Radiation Detector, Geiger Counter

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Double Sensitivity: Two Geiger-Muller radiation sensors (2x SBM20-1 Geiger-Muller).
Greater Accuracy: Detects Beta, Gamma, and X-rays.
Faster data accumulation gives much faster refresh rate than single sensor units.
Bigger Range of detection 0.05~999.0 uSv/hr.
Certified in Germany, tested by Japanese Consumer Protection Agency.

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RADEX RD1706 is the new addition to the RADEX family of radiation detectors and monitors. This device can be used not only by professionals working with sources of ionizing radiation, but also by average consumers interested in checking the contamination of places and objects, and knowing the results with higher degree of precision.

RADEX RD1706 is capable of:
increased precision of indications
expanded range of indications (to 999.0 uSv/h)
range of measured Gamma radiation energy: 1-1.25 MeV
range of measured X-ray radiation energy: 0.03-3.0 MeV
range of measured Beta radiation energy: 0.25-3.5 MeV
time of continuous operation: ~500 hours
able to register x-ray radiation

This model uses two SBM20-1 type Geiger Muller counters, one each for beta- and gamma-rays. The use of two separate sensors allowed us to reduce time of observation to 26 seconds while improving accuracy and precision of results. The range of indications was expanded 100 times, compared to RADEX RD1503.

RD1706 can register the value of a doze-rate as high as 999.0 uSv/h. Time of observation automatically adjusts from 26 seconds to as low as 1 second when presence of strong radiation sources is detected. This is necessary to ensure safety of professionals working with or operating ionizing radiation sources.

Most other features from the RADEX family were also retained, i.e. the usual frame with a large LCD screen, three operation buttons, battery charge indicator, display backlighting and personal settings like threshold alarm activation, alarm strength, backlight option.

Professional, rugged detector that is incredibly simple to use and understand.


RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter is a major step up from the basic 1503 model.  Along with all options and sturdiness of RD1503 it is capable of additional functions:

  • X-ray particle detection
  • short sampling interval
  • sound and vibration alarm
  • ±15% accuracy
  • 999.0 µSv/h upper threshold

The device has retained «BACKGROUND» mode used in RD1503+ (very convenient for performing inspections inside premises and materials).

RADEX RD1706 contains two SBM20-1 type Geiger–Muller counters, which allow one sensor to be dedicated for beta- and gamma-rays.  The use of two separate sensors allowed a significant reduction in measurement cycle (from 40 seconds to 26 seconds) while improving precision of measured results.

RD1706 can register and display the value of a dose-rate as high as 999.0 µSv/h.

When presence of a strong radiation source is detected, measurement period drops from 26 seconds to as low as 1 second, to provide real-time accurate radiation read out.

Most other features from the RADEX family were also retained, i.e. the usual frame with a large LCD screen, three buttons operation, battery charge indicator, display backlighting and personal settings like threshold alarm activation, alarm signal strength, and backlight option.

Weight0.5 g
OverallFor a scientist in you. Precision, Range and Affordable.
Range of indications (μSv/h)0.05 – 999.00
Scale range of Gamma-radiation energy (MeV)0.1 – 1.25
Scale range of X-ray radiation energy (MeV)0.03 – 3.00
Scale range of Beta-radiation energy (MeV)0.25 – 3.5
Error - of dose rate , not more, where P is the dose rate in µSv/h (%)±(7+6/Р)
Audio Alarm threshold levels - dose rate (µSv/h)0.1 – 99.0
Measurement Cycle (seconds)26 – 1
Height x Width x Depth (mm)105 х 60 х 26
Weight (g)90
Batteries («AAA») (pcs)1
Time of continuous operation, not less than (hours)500


User Manual & Product Specifications (pdf format in english)


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