USA ONLY 🌎 – SunRADON Model 1028-XP, Professional Continuous Radon Monitor

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✔️ The only professional Continuous Radon Monitor that can grow with your needs
✔️ Bluetooth & Intuitive Touchscreen
✔️ Fully customizable Duration, Delay, and Interval
✔️ OneRADON for Desktop, and full Mobile and Cloud Support
✔️ Environmental Sensor and Cellular Module upgrades (sold separately)
✔️ Integrated tamper Sensors and Tripod Mount
✔️ 10 Test Storage Slots, 300h Battery Life
✔️ NRSB, NRPP, and C-NRPP certified
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SunRADON’s Model 1028-XP Continuous Radon Monitor is a NEW state of the art professional grade Continuous Radon Monitor. The Model 1028-XP communicates with LE Bluetooth Technology utilizing our patented solid-state diffusion detector technology reporting radon concentrations in either picoCuries or Bequerrels through the OneRADON software. Each device can store upto 10 Tests On Device memory. Auto Power off feature to retain battery expectancy. Firmware that can be updated remotely, PIN Code programmable for privacy and data loss prevention, Lightweight, portable design with a standard threaded tripod mount. Coming Soon! Expansion capability for Remote Radon Detection with LTE* Antenna Signal and Environmental sensors: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, CO2 and total VOC measurement. (Monthly data rate will apply) *Verify National and State Radon Program Requirements prior to Purchase and Use. SunRADON is not liable for purchases made and use thereafter found not compliant with those Requirements.


Radon Detection
ClassificationActive Continuous Radon Monitor
TypeSolid State Photodiode Detector
Detector designPassive Airflow Diffusion
Chamber #1
Range0.1 - 9999 pCi/l
Nominal Sensitivity2.7 cph per pCi/l
Background Typical0.2 pCi/l
Background Max0.5 pCi/l
Uncertainty (1 day, 1 sigma) - ANSI-AARST MS-PC 20157 %
Measurement UnitspCi/l or Bq/m3


Quick Start Guide (pdf format in english) Product Specifications (pdf format in english) Software



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