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🔬🚀 Exciting News! 🚀🔬


🔬Over the past four years, since the inception of the RadonSTAR project, it has undergone several evolutions from its conceptual stage to becoming a fully functional radon calibration chamber. Numerous iterations have been made to both its hardware and software control systems. After each set of improvements, a significant release was made to implement these corrections and enhancements.

🚀 Today, I am delighted to announce that with the third version of the control system upgrade, RadonSTAR has achieved its most stable and mature state yet.

The control system of RadonSTAR is responsible for initiating, regulating, and modulating the variation of activity concentration of radon-222 inside the chamber, and ultimately exhausting the chamber in a fully automated manner. It has been granted two Italian patents and one European patent for its innovative operational methodology.

With this advanced control system, RadonSTAR can swiftly alter the concentration of radon from hundreds to several thousand Bq/m³ within minutes during an ongoing test. This capability offers a unique opportunity to explore and evaluate instrument responses in rapidly changing environments, making it particularly appealing to both producers of radon measurement instruments and researchers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RadonSTAR radon calibration chamber, please visit www.RadonSTAR.com or feel free to send me a message for further discussion.

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