Airthings House Kit, Radon, Mold Risk & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System, Multi-Room

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  • IN THE BOX: Airthings Wave, Wave Mini and the Hub
  • RADON: The Airthings Wave is the first smart radon detector with long and short term values for continuous monitoring
  • AIR QUALITY: Humidity, Temperature & Total VOCs (toxins & chemicals) are powerful air quality sensors for multi room coverage of your indoor air
  • 24/7 ACCESS: With the Airthings Hub, you can access to your air quality data at any time, from anywhere
  • SMART HOME: With the Hub, you get 24/7 access to your Airthings data. Use IFTTT to receive alerts and set up your ventilation, humidifier, air purifier, etc. to turn on/off even when you aren’t home

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The Airthings House Kit has everything you need to start monitoring the quality of your air, for a healthier home. This multi-room kit includes: Wave, the very first smart radon detector, Wave Mini, for airborne chemicals, humidity and temperature, and Hub, which brings everything online. Simply connect the Hub to the internet and set up the monitors using the Airthings Wave App. You then gain visibility into indoor air contaminants in multiple rooms in your home, no matter where you are. Data is available via the free Airthings Wave app (iOS/Android) as well as online with the Airthings Dashboard with more advanced analytics options.


🤷What's in the Box? Airthings! Our mission is to ensure people around the world take control of their air quality through simple, affordable and accurate solutions. We believe in using technology to promote, maintain, and improve the health and safety of everyone.

1️⃣ Wave 2nd Generation Battery-powered, smart radon detector for continuous, long-term monitoring of your exposure to radon to keep you safe.

2️⃣ Wave Mini Track the most important indoor air quality factors (Mold Risk, VOCs, Humidity, Temperature) to improve health and comfort

3️⃣ Airthings Hub The Hub brings your Airthings monitors online 24/7 providing on-demand access to your indoor air quality data at anytime, from anywhere!


1️⃣ Wave 2nd Generation 2️⃣ Wave Mini 3️⃣ Airthings Hub Software



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