Airthings Wave Mini – Indoor Air Quality – Chemicals (TVOCs), Humidity, Temperature

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Airthings Wave Mini is small in size but big in impact. This indoor air quality monitor is the first step into understanding your indoor air quality, or a great addition to your existing Airthings air quality ecosystem.

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The Total VOC sensor monitors toxins and chemicals in your air that can cause negative health effects. A VOC detector is key to ensure the optimal health and comfort levels of every room. An additional humidity sensor enables you to enjoy the best indoor humidity level for your specific home. In addition, the temperature sensor allows you to maintain not only a healthy home but a comfortable one too. Get your results straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth or check the Airthings web dashboard for detailed and meaningful insights into your air quality.

  • FRESH AIR SENSORS: Monitor chemicals (Total VOCs), Humidity and Temperature to ensure optimum comfort and healthy levels in every room
  • HEALTHY HUMIDITY: Easily maintain healthy indoor humidity levels between 30% – 59% as the EPA recommends
  • TAKE CONTROL: Airthings Wave Mini alerts you when levels are too high, enabling you to ventilate accordingly
  • WHAT ARE VOCS. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are toxins and chemicals that can cause serious short and long-term health effects. They are emitted from everyday items including cleaning supplies, cooking fumes, paints, plastics, toys and outdoor pollution
  • QUICK AND CLEAR RESULTS: Wave in front of the monitor for a visual indication or connect the Airthings App via Bluetooth for detailed insights into your air
  • POLLEN LEVELS : Live and local pollen data right in your Airthings App
  • SMART HOME INTEGRATION: Create custom alerts or integrate with other smart home products such as Google Assistant and IFTTT (if this then that)


NOW WITH MOLD RISK INDICATION We have created an algorithm based on the ASHRAE mold index using our humidity and temp sensors to show mold growth risk in the location you place the device. Placement is key, so please see our mold page for more details.

FUNCTIONS Sensors: VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Mold Risk Indicator Visual feedback: Red/Yellow/Green glow indicator Long battery life: Bluetooth: > 2 years* SmartLink: > 3 years* Supports wall mounting or table stand Free mobile app for iOS and Android Free online dashboard Mobile and web notifications Wireless connection (Bluetooth or Airthings SmartLink)

SPECIFICATIONS Sensor sampling interval: 5 minutes Sensor Resolution / Accuracy: Temperature: 0.1 / ±1 °C/F Humidity: 1 / ±3 % Settling time: TVOC ~7 days Operational Environment: 4°C to 40°C, 39°F to 104°F Power: 3 x AA alkaline batteries Wireless: Bluetooth & SmartLink *33% increase in battery life with Duracell Ultra Power and 66% with Duracell Ultra Lithium EAN:  0854232008071 , 7090031109202

User Manual (pdf format in english) Product Specifications (pdf format in english)


User Manual (pdf format in english) Product Specifications (pdf format in english) Software



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